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Annette Locke

I highly recommend the WSBA! It’s the best kept secret. More quality referrals given, collaborations, and strong friendships made more than anywhere. Our reach is over 5,000 members across the country. Kudos to Founder Susan Miller for creating this amazing networking group of successful business leaders who welcome you and you’re treated like family at your first visit!


Clare Ascani Photography 

When I returned to the Pittsburgh area in 2015 after being out of town in Louisiana for 3 years, the first thing I did was do a Google search for “what’s the best women’s networking group near me” and the first listing that came up was for WSBA. I found it very easy to reach out and get connected into one of the several groups in the area near me and meet Susan Miller who attends every meeting. The minute I met Susan Miller, I knew I was in the company of a caring, supportive, imaginative and brilliant marketer! Sometimes, I just wish I could jump into Susan’s brain and see how she comes up with so many amazing and creative marketing ideas…and she has always been so generous with offering suggestions to any of the members who may need a little breakthrough in their business. I knew I was going to learn a lot from just being a member and working with her. Plus, I could see that the entire WSBA organization is a reflection of her character traits! Since I have been a participant of many networking groups for over 20 years, not all networking groups are the same. I feel most members of networking groups are there to only talk about their own business, but I love how Susan encourages the members to reach out to each other and get creative on how two businesses can collaborate and find ways to refer each other’s business. I feel that WSBA has been a group that I’ve always looked forward to attending at their luncheons and events because it always has a warm and encouraging group of smart and savvy women business owners. I immediately felt that the women who gravitate to attending the WSBA luncheon meetings are as dedicated to seeing each other be successful as they are interested in taking the time and efforts to refer me to others. WSBA has been beneficial to me in more ways that just financial. Although I have had the honor of being given the opportunity to create many of the members’ professional branding images, there is also a unique aspect of the WSBA networking women. I can sense that all of the women who attend the WSBA luncheons know what it takes to be dedicated to their business and what it took to create a business from start to success so they are always very supportive, encouraging, interested in each other’s businesses becoming successful and offering whatever advice they have to help someone getting through a challenge. I encourage any business woman owner to check out one of the several WSBA groups in their area and get connected!


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