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Challenge yourself to do better and be better!

Wednesday, October 19, 2022 4:06 AM | Susan Miller (Administrator)
If it doesn't challenge you, then it won't change you. The change will make you a stronger entrepreneur.

The success of your business will come from how sharp and current you are within your business. Business trends and technology constantly change. So it is important to stay consistent with the changes within your industry by staying active in your business, mentally fit, and current.

When you do these things, it will help to challenge you and keep you competitive. If you become comfortable within your business, then you will lose your competitive edge. If you lose your competitive edge, then your competitors will pass right by you and your customers may follow!

Here are some techniques I use to challenge myself:

1. Hang out with the old and the young. I love learning things from seasoned entrepreneurs because they have made mistakes already! And if they share their experiences with you, then you are receiving a gift that will streamline your efforts! If you hang out with the young, then you will get insight on the newest trends and the newest technology that can help your business. This insight will keep you fresh and new!

2. READ and RESEARCH! Always keep in mind that trends and technology will forever change within your industry. So make time to read from experts within your industry and research the internet for new information in other areas and cities. Being aware of the changes will validate your expertise within your industry, and it will reassure your customers that your business is worth investing in.

3. Ask your customers. Your business was based on the needs of your customers. Have their needs changed? Have you taken the time to ask them? If they appreciate your business, then they will tell you what their consumer needs are.

4. Hire people smarter than you. This will open your eyes to products and services that you may not be offering. We like to think we know it all, but in reality, we do not. Don't be afraid to admit to that, and open yourself to new information and ideas!

Challenging yourself will sharpen your entrepreneurial skills, and strengthen your business. You are the driving force behind your business, and success will come if you continue to challenge yourself.

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Susan Miller is a Serial Entrepreneur that uses her experience and skills to help others launch and take their business to the next level thorough the resources she developed. 

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