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The Eye of an Entrepreneur.

Tuesday, October 04, 2022 10:08 AM | Susan Miller (Administrator)

There is a difference between small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Small business owners can successfully run a business and make it profitable.

But an entrepreneur will jump in, develop the business, take a small business to the next level, or restructure the business during adverse times.

I believe that if you don't have the "Eye of an Entrepreneur", then you may not have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Having the "Eye of an Entrepreneur" means being able to see opportunities, even when they may not be right in front of you.

I have always said to my colleagues, "I see opportunities EVERYWHERE!" 

I was an entrepreneur at the young age of 8. My need to "EAT" pushed me to find a solution. I was hungry, and I needed to find a way to make money to buy food. So my first business venture was selling fruit at the entrance of our neighborhood community, in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

A small business owner would buy fruit wholesale, mark up the price of the fruit, and then sell it. Quality fruit, good customer service, and competitive pricing would make this a successful business.

I had no money to buy fruit to resell. So how do I sell fruit with no start up money?

It was not uncommon for residents to have fruit trees growing in their yards in South Florida. I started to take notice to the types of fruit trees growing in my neighbor's yards. I noticed they had: mango, papaya, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, and avocados. I also paid attention to how often the fruit would drop from the tree(s). It was not uncommon for a neighbor to have more than one fruit tree in their yard. Anyone that had fruit tree(s) growing, then had the task of picking up the fruit that had fallen from the tree(s). This became a bigger task if a resident had more than one tree. Rotting fruit in the hot Florida sun is something most people do not want in their yard. I then talked to these neighbors, and offered them the service of "picking up the fallen fruit". I offered this service and tipping was ALWAYS appreciated. The tips I received usually grossed more than minimum wage. This service that I now offered, then provided me with the fruit I needed to sell. My service was offered daily, so I always had fresh, ripe fruit to sell.

So here is an overview of my strategy.

- I offer a daily service of picking up the fallen fruit.
- Receiving tips paid me for this service, and I was fulfilling the need of my neighbors.
- Selling fresh fruit at the entrance of my neighborhood community, then fulfilled the need of my customers, by providing them with convenience and affordable pricing.

Tips + Fruit sales (- cost to operate which was $0) = pure profit

My "eye of an entrepreneur" saw an opportunity to make money, and it addressed the needs of others.

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Susan Miller is a Serial Entrepreneur that uses her experience and skills to help others launch and take their business to the next level thorough the resources she developed. 

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