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Aug 20 - 31, 2023

These posts were from the social media channels for this week. Some is staff created, some yours!

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Sharon bone

I have been a Mary Kay consultant for 25 years. I can help you address any concerns you have about your skin care, whether your skin is dry, oily, normal, or blemish prone. Mary Kay has foundations that work with every skin tone, whether you are the lightest ivory or the deepest bronze.

I can meet with you personally or send you samples to try on your own. Most of the time, I send you your orders through the mail and always offer free shipping.

My past work history included working for the government, working at a restaurant, teaching school, serving in the Army. My favorite past times include swimming, gardening, scrapbooking, canning and preserving food, caring for my hens, attending farmer's markets and county fairs.

Register on Mary Kay website for 20% off your order during your birthday month as well as signup for email and text sales alerts *Won't spam**



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This is just a reminder that I have a fundraising team for this event!
Please consider donating to such a great cause...Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs Inc !


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linda berkheiser

Berkheiser Naturally Living featuring Shaklee products

Hi Linda Berkheiser here. Thanks for listening to my story. I’m a nurse, mother of 4 grandmother of seven and busy lady.

​ ​About 30 years ago My husband had a terrible accident that paralyzed him—putting our family into a state of shock.

​ ​Shortly after that we were introduced to a great company that had extraordinary products. I was approached about the business and although I’m not a sales person I loved the idea of helping others to have excellent health.

​ ​That company is a 60+ year old networking company called Shaklee and the action that I took 30+ ​ years ago was the best decision that I probably ever made in my life. My husband who was given 5 to 10 years to live lived over 30 years using almost no medication but a lot of supplements.

​ ​Our whole family became healthy it was very exciting to know that we could control our own health. What started as a side income became much more. All of that happened because we made a decision to make a difference for our family and for others.

​ ​If this is something that sounds intriguing to you, then let’s talk. It can be a solution for you and your family like it was for ours.

Click here for more information and a free Meology assessment!


She Deserves Mission

To help abused women to develop confidence and self-worth, so they can become independent, self-reliant, and take pride in developing their own security, with economic independence.

Online or in person VIP ticket.

Everyone is guarenteed 3 pieces of meat with their purchase,  Live drawings will consist of 2 winners every 5 minutes over 3 hours where you to choose your cuts all of pork, whole chicken, beef steaks, and more! Online tickets will have complimentary delivery to your door. You can check your numbers on our Facebook page or website after the event.

Your VIP ticket will offer an all-you-can-eat buffet, with all-you-can-drink tap beer and wine! 

Complimentary prize auction tickets are also included

A comedy show will get the crowd laughing while they shop for local artisans and craftsmen.

A 50/50 will be offered for those who want to bring the bacon home!

So bring your coolers and sit back and relax. Be prepared to eat, drink, and laugh!

Looking for event sponsors contact She Deserver Founder Susan Miller for more information!

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