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WEEK OF DEC 23 - 31, 2023

These posts were from the social media channels for this week. Some is staff created, some yours!

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Susan Ramsden


The gift of time could be the best gift of all this holiday season. For many, the holiday season is a time for celebration

and fun with loved ones.

But for others, the season can be one of the loneliest times of the year.

At Comparion Insurance Agency, we know how precious the gift of time can mean to someone during the holidays.

Here are a few ways you and your family can share the spirit of the holidays with others from Susan Ramsden, WSBA corporate member.

Kathleen Kuznicki


Innovative persons and businesses working diligently to solve problems through inventions should seek protection for those inventions by obtaining a patent. Kathleen is highly skilled in translating inventive concepts into patents. She assists inventors with the initial filing of patent applications and continues to work with them during the prosecution of the application. After a patent is issued, Kathleen assists by pursuing infringers.

Businesses often invest significant time and money to build a brand by executing marketing strategies that support the goods and services it provides. Through trademark registration and aggressive defense of that registration, Kathleen helps protect both that investment and the good will a business has worked to establish in its brand.

Kathleen also advises clients who are involved in or threatened with infringement suits, regarding legal strategies for defense.

Stephanie Gillenkirk


As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you have bold goals and visions for growing your company. But trying to handle everything yourself holds your success hostage.

There is another way. By leveraging strategic outsourcing solutions, you gain an affordable dedicated team to lift operational burdens so you can pursue greatness.

At Pittroe Business Services, our passion is freeing fellow driven entrepreneurs from chaos through customized, scalable services including:

  • Outsourced bookkeeping to optimize your financial data and cash flow
  • Virtual assistants to take on administrative tasks like appointment setting, data entry, and customer service
  • Website Development and Graphic Design - Elevate your online presence with our expert services tailored to enhance your brand image, captivate your audience, and leave a lasting impression.
  • Business process automation to digitize workflows for efficiency

Our experts become an extension of you; allowing you to focus on the vision while we tackle the necessary details with care. The right outsourcing partner provides reliable guidance so you can confidently grow on strategy, not just sweat.

If administrative overload drags you down, contact us today. With Pittroe's hands-on support unlocking your potential, your purpose becomes possible.



Dacie Bridge


It's time to prioritize your long term health for a stronger and healthier you!

It's true, weight loss and improving your health can be challenging, feel overwhelming, and because it requires sacrifices it’s easy to make excuses.

But, the choices you make RIGHT NOW shape your future and the results you'll get!

When you put aside your excuses and take charge, you willsee your health improve and your weight loss results finally come into focus.

Not only will you feel stronger ????, happier ??, and more energized ??, you'll feel better than you ever have before or realized was possible.

You’ll say goodbye to brain fog/poor focus, inflammation, not being able to keep up with your kids, food cravings, and lingering symptoms from hypothyroidism or PCOS and you’ll see improvements in heart health, blood work, gut health, and your blood sugar.

Nows the time to stop letting your excuses get in the way of your success! Say NO to instant gratification and YES to you and your health! If you’re ready to change your life and say YES to your health, comment “me” and let’s get started NOW!

You are only one choice away from changing your life and its a choice worth making! Your future self will thank you! You got this! ????

#guthealth #hypothyroidismweightloss #pcosweightloss #insulinresistance #bloodsugarcontrol #weightlosstips #healthtipsforwomen #healthygut #weightlosstipsforwomen #healthgoals #noexcuses See less

Susan Miller


How often do you give out your birthday information? An 'unbirthday' can keep your identity safe.

These Tips brought to you by WSBA Founder & Realtor Susan Miller

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  • Discounts on graphics, logo design, landing page, and Virtual Assistant related tasks starting at $25
  • Smarterqueue Software and Training

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