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Susan Ramsden
Comparion Insurance Agency

Check out the latest issue of Yinzer Agent Gossip from Susan Ramsden, Comparion Agent and one of WSBA Corporate Sponsors.

Susan gives all the juicy details of why you should get covered by an umbrella insurance today to cover any situation that may arise, even our precious fur-babies!


Susan Ramsden

Comparion Insurance Agency

Direct: 412-318-2957 (Press 1)

Learn more about Comparion Insurance Agency at

Dacie Bridge

Bridge Fitness and Nutrition

What are you going to do for yourself this week?

Last week I started to notice how sore and tense my body was and how out of alignment I felt due to the long hours Ive been working and the stress I’ve been under.

Despite my workload, I took a break from work and went outside to do yoga in the beautiful weather. The cool temps, slight breeze, and pretty scenery were just what I needed to reset.

We as women don’t focus enough on mind and body recovery and this can hinder our progress on things like weight loss, gut health, or thyroid conditions.

Staying in these heightened and stressed states leads to burnout and puts our body in a constant state of “flight or flight” and inflammation.

Don’t downplay going outside for a walk, taking short breaks AWAY from your desk to reset, doing yoga or meditation, or getting up to stretch several times a day, because this is what you need to do to reduce stress, inflammation, brain fog, gut symptoms (more to come on this later) etc.

Its also how you’ll lose weight naturally and improve your overall health!

Dacie R Bridge, Bridge Fitness and Nutrition, LLC

#hypothyroidweightloss #pcosweightloss #reduceinflammation #weightlosstips #stressmanagement #stressrelief #naturalweightloss #brainfog #preventburnout

Clare Ascani
Clare Ascani Photography

Portraits are works of art that last a lifetime, and they capture important moments that will never exist again.

Clare Ascani Photography is a renowned portrait and headshot photographer based in Brighton Township/Beaver, Pennsylvania, offering studio portrait sessions and fine art photography services to create special moments to remember.

If you feel that it’s been way too long since your family has had an updated portrait, or if you are ready to celebrate a milestone (turning a new decade?), or if you need a more effective or current business Headshot portrait, or want to celebrate your every woman’s curve, or you need to have old photographs restored, call Clare Ascani Photography for an absolutely convenient and top quality job.

Lynn Richards
Advos IT

WSBA HIGHLIGHTS Lynn Richards, IT consultant for small businesses as a new member!

Every day or once in a while, get the fast, friendly help you need with Advos as your on call IT department.

Jamie Diaz

Made Sozo Consulting

Meet Jamie Diaz-Smith - a caring counselor who wants to help you break free and live your best life!

With a background in psychology and experience providing therapy in English and Spanish, Jamie really understands the struggles we face. She knows that life can throw some tough stuff our way - whether it's an illness, depression, trauma, or something else.

Jamie creates a safe space where you can open up and get real about what's holding you back. Through compassionate listening and practical tools, she guides you towards greater self-love, resilience, and inner strength.

If you're looking for a therapist who 'gets it' and wants to empower you on your journey, give Jamie a call! She can't wait to help you untangle those complex emotions, overcome challenges, and start feeling like the best version of yourself.

Kathleen Kuznicki

Lynch Law Group

Innovative persons and businesses working diligently to solve problems through inventions should seek protection for those inventions by obtaining a patent. Kathleen is highly skilled in translating inventive concepts into patents. She assists inventors with the initial filing of patent applications and continues to work with them during the prosecution of the application. After a patent is issued, Kathleen assists by pursuing infringers.

Businesses often invest significant time and money to build a brand by executing marketing strategies that support the goods and services it provides. Through trademark registration and aggressive defense of that registration, Kathleen helps protect both that investment and the good will a business has worked to establish in its brand.

Kathleen also advises clients who are involved in or threatened with infringement suits, regarding legal strategies for defense.

Contact Information:

(724) 951-2619

(412) 445-5722


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