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Clare Ascani Photography & Jazz Vocalist
What does your company specialize in?
Clare Ascani Photography specializes in
> Creating editorial or magazine style portraits that are more in line with fine art legacy portraits;
> Creating Personal Branding business profile portraits that are immediately effective to potential clients/customers in that first 5-10 second time frame to make a lasting impression;
> Creating Fine Art Intimate Portraits that celebrates every woman, shows her authentic beauty, and empowers every woman to feel like a model and celebrity.
What set you apart from your competitors?
It depends on how you define competition. I have been a portrait photographer long enough to feel the Universe is so abundant and there is enough abundance for everyone.

But, what sets me apart from other photographers is that I do everything possible to create a portrait experience that each client won't forget. I offer the most attentive special care to each client by spending whatever time it takes to listen to what they are looking to achieve, what attributes they want convey in their images, and what specific needs they have. I feel it's important to focus on each client to help provide them with whatever it takes to help them feel completely prepared before their session so they can be relaxed upon arrival to the studio! That way, they can let down their guard, and we can capture their real and authentic personality.

I have professional stylists on hand that provides professional hair and makeup styling, outfit consultation, and pampering so to feel like a model the entire session so we can create the most beautiful portraits they've ever seen of themselves.

I have spent a great many years researching the best professional printing labs to offer the highest quality products that will last for generations. I offer post-session follow-up care in order to make sure the client(s) are satisfied and happy with their purchases and experience, and, if they are not, I work them to do whatever it takes to have them feel happy with their purchases. I believe you can never give enough customer care.
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I have been in the creative arts most of my life. I have loved photography and creating portraits all my life. I worked in the editorial departments at several magazines at Conde Nast Publications in New York City for 10 years, worked with highly esteemed photographers at the magazines, formed my own portraiture studio in 2008, and I have been creating effective and business changing personal branding images for business professionals since then.

The most common testimonials I receive speaks about the client's appreciation of my attention to detail, my personable nature that helps them relax and enjoy their portrait session, and my tendency to make sure they are satisfied with their images.

In addition, I have a Bachelor of Music degree in Performance from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX, and have been a working jazz vocalist from the time I was 20 years old performing in live music venues, hired for jingles studios, and I released my first CD in 2013. I am currently performing around Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas working at jazz venues and private events in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas with the best musicians in town.
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Clare Ascani Photography & Jazz
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168 Orchard Drive, Beaver, PA 15009
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Photography & Music
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