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The Best You, Dating and Life Coaching, LLC
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I help singles who are feeling frustrated and lonely by teaching them how to discover their own self worth, through my Love Story Programs, so they can fall in love without compromising their boundaries.
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Life experience, I've been there and gone through many difficulties to be where I am today. I have walked the walk and talked the talk. I am humble, happy, generous and positive. People find me to be a great listener. People have always gravitated towards me to tell me their problems. It's a natural fit for me and it feeds my soul.
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I help people learn to understand their value and worth for their own self esteem. I assist in their discovery of red flags as well as what traits they seek in a quality mate. We work on their online profile and pictures. Once that is set up, I assist with the communication, meeting and dating process.
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Anette Locke
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The Best You, Dating and Life Coaching, LLC
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6449 Landview Road
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