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Lucia Cintra Photography
412 229 7791
What does your company specialize in?
I specialize in magazine inspired portraits for couples and women, as well as creating visual content for business with personal branding and professional headshots.

My sessions are fully designed and personalized to capture not only beautiful photographs, but also provide clients with an "all about you" experience.
What set you apart from your competitors?
What sets me apart is how I fully design and personalize each session to capture my client's vision, personality, moments or the message they are trying to convey through photographs.

For weddings and couple portraiture, all the special moments and details of the day are throughly documented, along with beautifully unique and creative portraits of the couple that captures just who they are.

For women portraiture, I provide a VIP magazine inspired experience, complete with professional hair, makeup and wardrobe, for a day that is all about you. That's a day to celebrate who you are and where you are at this time in your life, as well as your connection with the ones you love, should you choose to be photographed with your mom, daughter, sister or best friend.

For businesses, I design each session so we can create your vision: from a simple headshot that captures your personality, to a detailed photoshoot that will fully capture your business branding and the message you want to convey to your clients. Those in depth sessions can include the photographs of your everyday services and products, behind the scenes footage, as well as marketing materials fully designed by me and my team such as social media layouts and templates, postcards and online magazine booklets, to name a few.
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I'm a portrait photographer who specializes in magazine inspired photoshoots for both couples and women, as well as professional headshots and personal branding photos and content for businesses.
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Lucia Cintra Photography
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