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Ceo, Executive coach and career consultant
412 372 4412
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Coach and consult professional women facing mid-life changes in their craeer, business and life. We help our clients explore their options, identify their strengths, skills, values and business-life passions and create a strategy plan to grow their business, advance their career and improve their lifestyle choices. We want our clients to achieve results and feel confident in their decisions.
What set you apart from your competitors?
We do not use a cookie cutter approach for our clients to get results. We listen to our clients’ stories and use intuition to help our clients describe their dreams, embrace their passions and aspirations, and work from their strengths, not their weaknesses. We want our clients to build confidence and have startegies, tools and action steps that move them forward on a solid foundation of self-awareness.

different ways our clients can work to achieve results, grow confidence, learn
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Life Path Associates, LLC.
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309 Fairmont Ave., Trafford, Pa. 15085
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career advancement, leadership and business development

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