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Panhandle Cleaning & Restoration
412 519-6848 or 412 559-9038
What does your company specialize in?
Building Disinfection and Sanitation with a high quality product that is non corrosive and can be used on any surface (area usable in 7 minutes after application). Disaster restoration services for Fire, Water, Smoke, Mold Sewage and Water Damage in commercial buildings or homes.
What set you apart from your competitors?
Trained professionals with a High level of oversight and inspections to assure maintaining a level of quality service that is sought after.
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Regional Director and Allegheny County Director of WSBA,
I am dedicated to seeing women succeed in business and help others to success. I am a highly trained individual who has worked in the sales and management fields for over 30 years. I have also been involved with a non profit Who's Your Brother to give back to the community through toy drives and commitment to helping others.
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Debi Arnett
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Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration
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Springdale PA
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Disaster Restoration/ Disinfection Cleaning
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